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Regular vs Premium Gasoline

by Josiah Sinanan on July 16, 2018

Regular vs Premium Gasoline

The word “premium” denotes a sense of being better than the alternative. However, when it comes to gasoline, premium may not make a difference to your car at all. Continue reading to learn more about regular vs premium gasoline and how the two differ.

The role of octane

The ratings on the gas options at the pump are indicative of the octane levels in the gasoline mixture. There needs to be a certain amount of octane in the mixture in order to avoid pinging in your engine. Depending on your make and model, different octane levels are needed to ensure your engine is combusting at proper intervals. Too little octane and you will get an engine “pinging,” which could be quite harmful to your vehicle in the long run. (Source)

Knowing your vehicle

There is a popular myth floating around that giving your car premium gasoline every so often is a treat. In reality, if your car does not require premium fuel, it will make no difference. You’re really just spending extra money for no benefit. Certain cars, however, do require premium fuel – typically those that are more high performing. You will see that recommendation on your gas cap if this is the case. You can also check your manual to make sure you are filling up with the right quality of gasoline.

What happens otherwise?

If your car only requires regular, that’s all you need (plus, you’ll save some coin)! However, if your car does require premium, you should fill up with premium at the pump. This will give your vehicle it’s best possible performance and horsepower.

As a side note, cars with turbo engines or cars that are older and heavier should only use premium, as knocking will occur otherwise (according to True Car Adviser).

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