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Never Ignore These 5 Car Noises

by Josiah Sinanan on June 22, 2018

Strange Noises from your Vehicle

Car troubles tend to get the best of us at the worst possible times, and usually one of the first indicators is sound. It’s important that we pay attention to our vehicles when something sounds amiss. Never ignore these 5 car noises:

1. Rhythmic squealing under the hood when accelerating

If you hear your engine making a repetitive squealing noise while you are accelerating – do not ignore it! The culprit is likely one of your vehicle’s belts, which begin to make this noise as they wear down and lose their elasticity. Make sure you get a proper diagnosis from a trusted mechanic before anything snaps!

2. Clunking/Banging/Knocking under the hood

There are many causes for these types of noises. If you’re hearing any noise that is unusual from under your hood, do not ignore it. The source is likely something serious, which can include pistons, valves, or possibly connecting rods. Get a diagnosis ASAP.

3. Brakes grinding or screeching

While braking, if you hear a rough grinding or a screeching noise – it’s definitely time for a brake and/or rotor replacement. Driving with worn out brakes can be a dangerous game and cause a lot of damage to your vehicle in the long run.

4. Clicking/Popping/Snapping when turning a corner

If you’re noticing any sort of noise that appears while you’re turning a corner (but stops when you’re driving straight again), pay attention to it! The sounds likely have to do with your vehicle’s CV (constant velocity) joints on your front axles. This is a worthwhile repair to get done immediately, as the consequence could be a snapped axle.

5. A howling/whirring tire noise

These noises are usually indicators of your wheel bearings not functioning properly. This can definitely be damaging to your vehicle if you continue to drive on them. Usually, a mechanic is needed to discover which bearing is causing the issue.

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