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My Car Got Recalled: What Now?

by Josiah Sinanan on June 27, 2018

Vehicle Recalls in Canada

Every so often, there are vehicle recalls for motor vehicles issued by Transport Canada. This is based off of a collection of common reports, complaints, and data from a variety of sources. If the issue is confirmed by the manufacturer, then a recall is sent out. If your car got recalled and you’re asking yourself what to do next, keep reading!

What happens when a recall is issued?

  • If you are the original owner of a recalled vehicle, you will be notified directly of the recall. Generally, you should receive a card in the mail and if there’s a more serious problem, a phone call.
  • If the recalled vehicle you are driving is a used or pre-owned vehicle, you may not be directly notified of the recall, but you can search your vehicle by make and model to see if there has been a recall.

You can also keep an eye on Transport Canada’s social media platforms, where recalls are announced.

What to do if your car has been recalled

Here are some important points to make note of in the event of a recall:

  • The notification for the recall (online or by mail) will contain information on what next steps need to be taken. Be sure to follow the instructions on the posted notification.
  • In most recall cases, you are simply asked to bring in your vehicle to the manufacturer, and the repair will be made free-of-charge. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to account for any parts replacements or repairs in the event of a recall.
  • If there are no instructions on the next course of action, you should contact the manufacturer directly.
  • Lastly, make sure you are not driving your vehicle if the recall notice shows that it is unsafe to do so.

A handy tool to stay updated with all the recall notices in the country is to use the Transport Canada app for Recalls and Safety Alerts.

If you suspect a defect with your own vehicle

Before a recall is issued on a vehicle’s make and model, information is compiled from a variety of sources. If you’re experiencing a problem with your vehicle, reporting it can be extremely useful. You can file a complaint (which may warrant a further investigation) using the form here.

No frets!

When you receive a recall notice, is that it is fully the responsibility of the manufacturer to cover the repair. If you suspect an issue and your car hasn’t been recalled, you can get an experienced mechanic to come to you at your home or office to help you out. MicroMech sends Red Seal Certified mechanics straight to your doorstep.