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5 Reasons to get a Tire Changeover

by Josiah Sinanan on November 14, 2018

Seasonal Tire Changeover

It’s no surprise that our vehicles endure a lot in a year – especially in places where there are drastic changes in the weather. With such varying driving conditions, most people will install winter or summer tires respectably to accomodate for the weather. It can be easy to neglect getting a tire changeover when the seasons change, but it can be more important than most drivers realize.

Here’s 5 reasons why you should get a tire changeover at the right time.

1. Increased Stopping Distances

The rubber compound used on summer or all-season tires will firm up if its gets too cold (anything below 7ºC), which increases stopping time needed. Conversely, when winter tires are used in summer temperatures, stopping distance can also be lengthened since there is nothing for the tread to grip onto. This is dangerous for everyone on the roads, especially you!

2. A Quieter Ride

Keeping your winter wheels on the warmed asphalt will not only significantly shorten the lifespan of these specialty tires, but you will experience a noticeably louder ride. In the winter, with summer wheels, your ride can also be less smooth, slipping and sliding across the roads and making screeching halts.

3. Improved Steering Precision

Having the proper tires with proper grip, performance, and balance also plays a role in general driveability. Using the wrong tires can really affect how your vehicle moves and responds to your steering.

4. Saving money

Keeping on top of tire changeovers when the seasons change can be expensive upfront – but in the long run, you will save a lot of money. Using improper or worn-out tires can cause damage to your vehicle and also decrease safety, meaning a lot of potential for hefty repair bills otherwise.

5. Confidence

Simple as it is, confidence can be heightened with proper tires. Grip levels are optimized with each type of tire, accounting for the various conditions that may present themselves. Drive with confidence by adhering to the seasons appropriately and you’ll not need to be as cautious when hitting the road.

At-home Tire Changeover

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