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5 Preventative Maintenance Tasks Anyone Can Do

by Josiah Sinanan on August 1, 2018

Preventative Car Maintenance

Though vehicle care can be intimidating at times, it certainly does not have to be! Anyone who drives should know some basic maintenance tips to keep your car in good shape. Below are 5 preventative maintenance tasks anyone can do:

1. Checking your Fluids

This is one of the easiest ways to stay on top of your own maintenance. Even if you don’t know where to find your different fluid gauges, it is easy enough to figure out where they are. Open up your hood and explore a little alongside your owner’s manual. You can see fluid levels on the different tanks themselves or by using the dipstick gauges most cars have to measure fluid amounts. If something is low, fill it up!

2. Checking your Oil

Everyone should know how to check their own oil. Pull out your oil gauge/dipstick, wipe it off with a clean cloth or napkin, re-insert the gauge, and read the fluid level. There should be markings to indicate the minimum healthy level and the maximum level. Topping up your oil can be a helpful way to keep things running well. Also pay attention to the condition of your oil. Murky and muddy oil could mean it’s time for a change. (Source)

3. Completing your Own Inspection

This is the absolute easiest measure every car owner should be taking, regardless of skill level. When parked at home, check to make sure all of your exterior lights are working and make sure your tire air pressure is even with a portable pressure gauge. Keep an eye on your tire treads, and keep an ear out for any unusual sounds. Being aware of those small things can keep you vigilant in staying on top of your car’s health.

4. Inspecting your Belts

Know the guidelines recommended by your owner’s manual for when to get your timing and serpentine belts replaced. When you’re reaching those mileage marks, get a mechanic to give them a once-over. Keeping this in the back of your mind can save you hundreds of dollars.

5. Reading your Owner’s Manual

Lastly, perhaps the most obvious, read the owner’s manual! Your owner’s manual is a great way to get to know your vehicle and also gain a better understanding of how different components work together. Anyone can read their own manual and come out knowing that much more about their own vehicle!

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