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5 Most Common Reasons for a Car Breakdown

by Josiah Sinanan on July 4, 2018

Car Breakdown

We all know that our time with a vehicle is limited. Nowadays, most cars will last at an average of 11 years on the road, which is significantly better than the previous statistics. So, what causes a car breakdown to happen? Read below for the 5 most common reasons.

1. Dead Battery

One of the most obvious causes of a car breakdown is a failed battery. If your battery has broken down or isn’t operating properly, your car won’t start. Make sure you’re keeping an eye on your battery levels.

2. Engine Overheating

A large amount of heat is produced while your engine is running. There are systems in place to prevent it, but overheating can be another cause of a breakdown. When you can, check your radiator and coolant levels.

3. Flat Tire

Popping a tire or driving with a flat can cause a number of damaging, expensive, and sometimes dangerous issues. If you suspect you have a flat, have a mechanic come to you to service your vehicle.

4. Electrical Issues

Beyond the battery, other electrical issues in your vehicle have the potential to be fatal as well. If you’re driving with a blown fuse, or if your alternator needs to be replaced, this could well be the cause of a full breakdown. 

5. Running out of gas

We all have the fear in the back of our minds: running out of gas mid-trip. Especially on long-haul journeys, running out of gas can be a scary prospect. Keep an eye on your gauge and don’t risk seeing how far you can go – particularly if you are on a road trip!

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